Astroboy at Baba Fest + Random Compilation 1

This post is not about big trips or long travels. Instead, today we didn’t have to stray far from our home in Takadanobaba to see the (aptly named) Baba Fest.

Starting with a small halloween-influenced parade through the main street, which consisted of about 40 schoolchildren marching, playing instruments and generally not seeming very thrilled about the whole thing, and hundreds (?) of police officers securing the street and making sure that everything went safe. Also walking in the parade was a nice cosplay of Professor Ochanomizu and Astroboy themselves, taken out of the manga. Needless to say, the marching band kept on playing his theme song on and on, as if we wouldn’t hear it everyday as the jingle of our JR station (like in this video).

Following the parade we went to a nearby school. In the classrooms, groups of teenagers were preparing their costumes, probably for some contest or other event. There were art exhibitions (some related to Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astroboy and other manga characters), food stands, merchandise, children’s games, etc. And of course, you could take pictures with Astroboy.

See more pictures here!

Also, here is an album of some random pictures I’ve taken during the past two months, without any big story behind them, but still fun to look at!


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