T minus 5 days…

So this is it, the gazillionth blog about some dude in Japan!

Here, I will ocassionally share with you some of my adventures and misadventures in Japan, as well as any random encounters I might have during this one year stay in 日本. I decided to keep it in English to ensure that everybody can read it without me having to think up a Spanish, German and Japanese version for everything. I make no promises as to how often I will post updates or what I will write about.

The gist is that, thanks to the “Vulcanus in Japan” program, organized and financed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, me and 29 other lucky guys and girls from all across Europe will be spending four months together in Tokyo, going to a language school, getting to know the city and generally having a good time! Afterwards, we each go to different companies to do an 8 month traineeship. As for me, I’ll be working in the town of Kudamatsu in the south of Japan, at at Hitachi’s “Rolling Stock Manufacturing Department”, where different trains -including the Shinkansen Bullet Train– are produced and assembled. Cool!

I hope to give you a glimpse into life in Japan via this blog. Feel free to read, look at the pictures, and comment or ask if you want! I’m excited to see how this turns out.

The next post will come shortly after I land in Tokyo on September 1st, at around 15:00 hrs local time (which converts to 8:00 in Germany and 1:00 in Mexico City ). Stay tuned…


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